4 Crestland Close, Waterlooville,
Hampshire PO8 9AG

Southdown Road - Horndean

Slate Roofing Refurbishment


This property had issues due to a lack of insulation,  it was hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The client was also looking for a more modern look.

Our recommendation was to install an insulation board in between the rafters and maintain a natural material on the roof covering.

After a survey we were pleased that we could install a 120 mm insulation board as we had sufficient rafter depth.

We stripped the existing clay roof back to the rafters during this process we came across a live wasp nest.

Luckily our client was a beekeeper and dealt with the task in hand keeping the project on track.

We installed a 120 mm foil backed insulation board in between the rafters with a breathable felt and batten. We used a premium natural Spanish slate on the main roof.

We installed an anthracite cladding and fascia board to the dormers in keeping with our clients preference for a grey finish throughout.

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